Patient Engagement

Call Center and Patient Advocacy Services

A patient’s visit to your acute care facility isn’t truly complete until billing issues have been resolved to their satisfaction. How people are treated during inquiry calls contributes directly to their feelings and attitude toward your practice. To help ensure a consistently good experience with all callers, Brault’s Patient Service representatives are equipped to answer patient questions quickly and accurately, with a high level of empathy and professionalism. With instant access to contract summary, charity care, billing policy information, and mobile live scan, reps can work with patients’ insurance companies to maximize benefits and minimize out-of-pocket costs. Patients also receive informed insight into factors that may affect their bill, a service which helps to deepen their understanding and lessen frustration and anger. Throughout the day, managers routinely monitor incoming calls. This helps them evaluate staff’s knowledge and performance, and determine whether additional training or support may be required. To assure and maintain a high quality of service, every call is digitally recorded and reproducible for up to 60 days.

Convenient Phone or Online Payments

With Brault’s digital capabilities, patients can opt to get billing information and payment status 24 hours a day. Through patients’ manual keypad entries, the system confirms account number and identity to assure secure, timely access.

Online Statement Review

An additional patient convenience is Brault’s 24-hour, online statement review and payment processing system. Instructions printed on their billing statements remind patients that they may visit the secure site and, using a unique, personalized password, view account status and make credit card payments. Patient self-service can help speed and increase collections. It can also eliminate excessive calls to the billing office, thus increasing cash flow and reducing your service load.

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