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Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

The key to capturing all billable revenue is to understand what each service is and what documentation is considered acceptable by each payer.

Coding by Experienced Clinicians

Brault employs a mix of nurse coders and certified coders who are trained to code each patient visit based on specific payer guidelines and preferences.

Our model is to hire staff with clinical experience because we know that coders who are clinically trained in patient care perform a more accurate translation of billable services rendered. This ability to understand a physician’s clinical mindset allows us to appreciate both the subtleties and complexities that can impact reportable services, which then results in more effective and appropriate charge capture.

Proprietary Coder Training for Clinical Understanding

Brault coders throughout the country are all trained through the Brault Coding Academy, a proprietary eight-week course that all coders must pass prior to live production. The course is broken down into 2 parts: a 3-week instructional phase and a 5-week QA period in which quality is tracked for progressive improvement. And for quality assurance, new coders work in a ‘bubble’ training environment — and do not process live accounts until their production criteria is met.

At the helm of the Brault Coder Academy is our Coding Integrity Team, comprised of certified coders with experience in audits and risk management. This team operates as part of our Compliance division – allowing us to educate and monitor performance without influence from Operational interests.

Payer A/R Management

Our system allows us to load expected payment amounts for monitoring and tracking. When the expected payment amount is not received, the claim is reported to an underpaid queue where, depending on payer type, an automated appeal may be sent out or the claim will be pushed to an AR specialist for follow up.

For scalable efficiency, our AR teams are assigned work groups. Clearing House Rejects, Correspondence, Denial Management and Appeals, Follow up, and Pre-collection Audit. Within these groups, we assign team members focused work by level of effort, client, specialty or payer.

Patient Engagement

A patient’s visit to your acute care facility isn’t truly complete until billing issues have been resolved to their satisfaction. How people are treated during inquiry calls contributes directly to their feelings and attitude toward your practice.

Brault call center service representatives are well versed in client contracts, paralegal services, and patient advocacy — with instant access to contract summary, charity care, and billing policy information. They can work with patients’ insurance companies to maximize benefits and minimize out-of-pocket costs. The process is technology enabled with IVR, which allows patients to make credit card payments from the convenience of their phone. To assure and maintain a high quality of service, every call is also digitally recorded and reproducible for up to 60 days.

Our call center is located in San Dimas, CA with the ability to open during all domestic business hours.

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