Brault Launches Patient Account Tracker (PAT) 2.0 – adding to its Suite of Intelligent Practice Solutions

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The custom-built application taps into all parts of the RCM process, enabling Brault clients to track, analyze, and reconcile data across every patient encounter in the system.

SAN DIMAS, Calif. –(BusinessWire. April 2019)– Brault is a revenue cycle and practice management partner for physician groups across the spectrum of unscheduled care: emergency medicine, urgent care, hospitalist services, and observation units. “In recent years, we have seen a shift among acute care physician groups – as they begin to look for business partners that can offer more transparency into the RCM process and value added services beyond coding and billing,” explains Brault President and CEO Andrea Brault, MD, MMM, FACEP.

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The PAT 2.0 system offers a window into Brault’s RCM process, allowing clients to track the volume and movement of charts through the system. But, the system does much more than just chart tracking. It also captures important information on provider documentation habits and other metrics that can contribute to the overall health of a practice. Enabling users to aggregate, segment, and drill down into more detailed data. For example: allowing practice leaders to analyze total volume of charts over a given period, segment only the pended charts, and then drill down into the reasons for pending and individual providers driving this trend. “Our focus with the development of PAT, and other tools, is to offer a level of insight that can help our clients better understand and manage their business,” continued Dr. Brault. “Tools like PAT do a lot of the heavy lifting for us, and with this latest upgrade our clients will benefit from new functionality and a modern new look that emphasizes intuitive navigation and visual data analysis.”

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Common use cases for Brault’s PAT 2.0 system include: individual provider reports, reconciliation reports between hospital ED logs, and chart tracking summaries with custom data filters and calendar views with up to 13 months of historical data.
ABOUT BRAULT For more than 25 years, Brault has been a trusted RCM and Practice Management partner for clients specializing in emergency medicine, urgent care, hospitalist services, and observation units. Brault is led by President and Chief Executive Officer, Andrea Brault MD, MMM, FACEP – an emergency physician and current Chair of EDPMA – along with an executive team of subject matter experts in all areas of physician reimbursement, compliance, and clinical operations management.


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