Two Ways to Impact Your Revenue Goals

Two Ways to Impact Your Revenue Goals

Do you want to improve your revenue? Here are 2 ways to impact your revenue goals:

  1. Own Your Critical Care
  2. Think in Ink

Importantly, these go hand-in-hand. Let’s talk about why.

Own Your Critical Care

Most ED groups provide critical care at a rate equal to 35-40% of their admit/transfer rate but few actually report that much. Since critical care is predominantly cognitive, not procedural, it’s important that your record helps payers realize what you were worried about clinically. Not only do payers need to understand the high probability of deterioration, they need to know the reasons for your decision.

Be sure to note the increasing or decreasing incidence of patient symptoms, as well as their probable causes. The chart must be able to support not only why you were concerned, but what you were concerned about.

Think in Ink

Think in Ink The mental dovetails with the practical. Once you’ve performed the heavy-lifting mental work, you want to identify your analyses and actions on the chart. Why? It’s necessary to document your differential diagnoses, as well as the reasons why you took the steps you did. Chronicling your approach and your rationale will validate urgent intervention, clarifying any doubts as to the probability of the patient’s deterioration.

Reporting the correct time spent on critical care is imperative. Remember to track your mental evaluation of the patient in addition to the time spent by their bedside. Here are supplementary actions worth thoroughly documenting: reviewing medical records, evaluating test results, speaking with nurses and the family, and calling other doctors.

Please note, critical care treatment can only be billed after the 30th minute. However, documenting these actions before the 30-minute mark can also be beneficial. Doing so demonstrates that you are documenting honestly, illustrating to payers they are only being billed for what is absolutely necessary. Maintaining an accurate record of your time, be it medical intervention, or discussing with a consultant, is necessary to confirm critical care reports and match revenue goals.

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