Practice Improvement

Even well-run organizations need occasional help evolving and fine-tuning their operations. Coding, billing and collections are familiar targets for improvement. But there are other areas of practice management in which Brault can readily assist you, places where even small strategic or operational refinements can produce positive results. Examples include:

Hospital Relations

There is a financial upside to receiving subsidies. But becoming dependent on them can make groups vulnerable to changes in institutional leadership or payment policies. Over-reliance may also chip away at your group’s financial independence. Brault can help you develop strategies that result in more equitable contract and payment terms, and reduce reliance on subsidies, all without compromising your patients’ experience.

Hospital Contract Management

Like any business, you are challenged by competition which means contract negotiations and management should be core business strategy for every acute care group. Drawing on decades of firsthand emergency medicine experience, Brault provides the guidance and expertise necessary to strengthen your negotiating position, identify more favorable terms, and improve your long-term contract retention strategy.

Provider Enrollment

Accurate, timely enrollment is key to ensuring optimal revenue and cash flow. Once payer contracts are identified, our Provider Enrollment Department enrolls the group practice and all providers where required, including government programs. You can finally stop chasing providers for documents and signatures because Brault does all that for you for each provider.

Fee Schedule Management

Once you partner with us, Brault will provide a revised fee schedule for your review, and annually thereafter. For each CPT code, we will identify the practice’s current fee, if one exists, compare fees charged by other physicians in your area, and check other relevant industry reference points. We will review the schedule with you and incorporate any changes requested, prior to your approval. We will also suggest periodic revisions, including each year, when the AMA revises and issues its new CPT manual. We will delete outdated codes and add new ones, and suggest fees that are appropriate for your market area.

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