Documentation Training

Brault takes a clinical approach to documentation improvement, not by telling you to use “a phrase that pays” but by assisting you to find clinically-useful statements that are reimbursement compliant. Brault offers several different training methods for documentation improvement, including:

Chart Detail Requirements

Brault’s chart-tracking module flags charts that are missing components. Notices are sent directly from the coder to each provider, along with a message detailing which areas need to be completed. This chart return process not only helps safeguard your practice by reducing risk, it also serves as an invaluable tool for educating individual physicians about your group’s information requirements. For added value, practice administrators can use our Patient Account Tracker system to monitor the responsiveness and timeliness of individual providers.

MIPS and Documentation Deficiencies

For quality assurance, Brault provides monthly reports detailing, by physician, the volume and types of documentation deficiencies that are causing lost income. There are more than 25 discrete causes, each of which can be tracked by provider, with related RVU and charge losses. MIPS tracking reports show monthly and year-to-date performance scores related to the quality measures that apply to your practice. Using these reports, Brault creates an action plan that allows leaders to see where specific training interventions could help increase MIPS scoring and produce additional income.

Documentation Standards

Each month, or other interval of your choosing, Brault provides deficient chart examples for physicians who fail to meet your stated documentation standards three or more times during the period. The examples also contain suggestions for improvement, specific to the chart and type of deficiency. Examples and suggestions are emailed securely and directly to each provider, who may then receive improvement training from one of our Practice Improvement Specialists.

EMR Utilization

New-client orientation typically involves an onsite documentation presentation, coupled with an electronic medical record (EMR) review to determine how your practice uses its EMR. This process not only helps orient our collaborative teams but also uncovers areas for improvement and training. Brault’s experience with more than 20 different EMR systems allows us to anticipate potential issues and common pitfalls before they become problematic.

1-to-1 Online Training

Providers who want to improve their charting skills may request one-to-one, online training with a Brault Practice Improvement Specialist. We use a chart-discussion format, and tailor all sessions to each provider’s specific practice style. Scheduling sessions is as easy as clicking on a web link in our Brault Practice Solutions portal. Providers simply select a topic of interest and the Specialist collects and jointly reviews relevant examples from their work and jointly reviews with the doctor over a shared computer screen.
Practice Improvement Specialists can also conduct acuity reviews to identify declining levels of care, or reporting ratios that fail to meet internal benchmarks. If indicated, Brault will proactively suggest training interventions and onsite meetings to help correct the issue(s).

Documentation Tip Emails

To help providers optimally document their activities for common EM health challenges, Brault makes available for emailing, dozens of one-page monthly tip sheets. Physicians may access these resources through our secure Provider Portal to learn best documentation practices for:

  • Wound care
  • Fracture care
  • Critical care
  • Observation care
  • Differential diagnoses
  • Diagnosis reporting
  • MIPS measures
  • History and physicals
  • And many more

Documentation Improvement Materials

To gain online, anytime access to documentation training videos, slides and topical one-page tip sheets, providers may use Brault’s secure Practice Solutions Portal. Training modules are optimized for smartphones (to facilitate access at the doctor’s leisure) and are available to all providers in your group, 24/7.

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